Saturday, May 6, 2017

1 secret to make a lady like or love You

Yes,, Laughs!, its one best feelings for women who when they see a Guy who can make them feel this way, they would always be at him, for more.
Guys, Don't think making a woman laugh, makes you a Joker /Comedian or Clown, No!, but it makes you attractively funny to her, aslong as you are reasonable.
For Naturally, as Dramatic as women are, they are Mostly not always happy. This is one fact that one can't just understand why,, which
is why when they meet a Guy who makes them laugh, they fall for him because eventually they can find happiness in and with him.
Note! In as much as this post is related to Guys making women laugh, i also want to make a clear point here that Not All Guys knows how to make a woman laugh, for they arent funny, nor jovial, rather,they are either too quiet, or too Mean, that sometimes, their meanness confuses ladies to not understanding them, scared of them, and not free to open up to them.
This also, is mostly why most ladies with Mean men, cheats with a Funny Guy who makes them laugh, for laughter is happiness, and a great relief to sad/boring moments.
Now, as a Guy, making sure ur woman Laughs by being fun /social with her,will make her place you above anyother Guy, because you give her a happy feeling that's hard to let go, considering d fact that not all guys can, and Naturally, they are mostly unhappy (Moody)..
So, Have gists that creates laughter. Gists from movies, music, sport, outings and so other experiences.
Though also, too much of this isnt advised, as sometimes, women can be confusingly unstable. But, being Mean/Quiet all the time?, isnt advised either, because you no be Soldier?, are you?..
Now ladies, don't you love guys who can make you laugh each time you chat /speak or are together?comment below

Akinluyi Jeffery 

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