Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reasons why ladies end up in an unhappy relationship.


This is one thing most ladies dont understand when they find themselves in an Unhappy Relationship..
Who is an Unhappy Man?
He is a Man who's striving hard with Life! He's a Man who's in a difficult situation!
He's a Man who's Bright Futured; but hasnt achieved his Target yet!
He's a Man who has much responsibilitie
s on him (Family; Himself &Comfort)!
And so on..
Now, If you are in an Unhappy
Relationship, where its Happiness isnt Stable, where all you do is Complain that he isnt Attentive, isnt Caring!, As if you're the only one in the Relationship making every effort to keep it going,,
Well! Just Take a Good look at that Man's life!,, Is he Balanced? Is he really happy whereas, he shows off Smiles like all is well??

Dear Ladies! When you have such a Man, all you can do, is just be Patient with him, Be Understanding!, Be supportive if you can!, Be Encouraging!, Be a Shoulder!, Be your own Happiness &dont just wait for his Attention always, because it wont always be there for you to Wiggle on..
Its a HardWorld out there.. Not everyone are that Happy! Not everyone has met their dreams &see it come true. Not all have Passed the stage of HOPE /EXPECTATION! into ACHIEVEMENT..

So! Being in a Relationship with such Man, you should NOT cause him to Anger!, by always Complaining he's not doing this &not doing that.. Just be yourselves by him Or if you cant take it, Leave!..Not until he's met all these, would he then be Happy &Share his Happiness!,
For a Man gets to be Sweet Caring &Attentive when all is going well with/for him..
Written by Jeffrey Nitros 

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