Thursday, April 20, 2017

Here are reasons why you loose your date to another man or woman

"Who are you calling a side? I am the main"
Well, sorry to disappoint you, only the person eating the meal can tell which he intended as what.(Ekiti men are known to eat pounded yam as appetiser, lol) Hopefully, you are correct this time because these "man-snatching" episodes are getting too much. Everybody wants your man, it seems. You are yet to consider that maybe it's the other way round.
This is the sad remix of the track, the one where she is innocent. What about the original version - the one where she meant it to happen? Well that's another story entirely.
No lady can say who her boyfriend is, same with guys. We can only say who we think they are. I get it, your love story is legendary and the whole world knows about it. The world knows what you want it to know, it doesn't translate into facts.
You are everywhere on his social media profiles, the social media profiles you know about. What about the ones you don't know about? You googled him, errrm using what name? Obviously you don't yet get it.
I am not acting a saint here, just saying it as it is. Men (including me unfortunately) will do anything to get what we want. You can dig all you want, you'll only find what he wants you to find or the slips you are lucky to pick on.
Ladies on the other hand are just plain evil (yes I know that's my dinner out the window). I mean how can you lead different "innocent" men on only to have your parents screen at an advanced stage. Not cool. You break up with me today and next month you are married? Come on ! And don't even bring on that talk of wanting security by multiple sampling. I fear for the eventual winner of the lottery because at the sight of a better offer, he is out, with him his own formerly winning offer pasted all over his face.
It's about time you stopped being reactive and got initiating. Don't wait to know someone by what you have been told, (I am up to no good, I won't dig myself in with the truth) start getting your own facts by basic investigative endeavours. Settle for love but settle for yourself too. Let your heart do the loving and your head, the thinking. Don't reverse roles and think with your heart.
If it flags, investigate it. (Don't blow your cover though, if you get caught snooping it's on you)
I cannot blame anyone for being a side without knowing it but relationships cultivated over long distances and electronic channels have a considerably higher risk. This is not to say, some don't eventually work out but you need to understand the vulnerability you are exposing yourself to.
Eventually, like all sides, they will be pushed aside for the main. What then happens to you?
So protect yourself and pay attention to the details about his character on the table not the ice cream he's ordered you.
Isn't it funny how a girl just always happens to be single when you present yourself right? Sorry maybe not always single, "it's complicated", "he's out of the country/not around" or my favourite "we are having issues". If she's having issues and meeting with you, it explains why the issues will never go away mister. That's about to be you in a few months.
If he has a ring scar - investigate
Calls that get him uncomfortable - investigate
Broken promises - invesitgate
Sudden but unexplained frequent schedule changes - investigate
Matter of fact, everything - investigate !
She's reluctant to have you meet her folks - investigate
Uncomfortable and silent calls - investigate
Broken promises - investigate
Don't come to my house - investigate
Calls ending with/containing "me too", "you too", "let me call you back", "I can't talk where I am" - investigate.
Don't call me at ...... brother, investigate
Investigating is different from snooping, it's all in the execution. If you get caught you are on your own, but seriously protect yourself.

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