Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why men gets the blame,when divorce happens.

Tiwa Savage
Tonto Dike
Toke Makiwa
When this women get a divorce, it's always the man's fault (of course). The women paint them black, call them names, do interviews - and basically tell the world how "callous, useless and abusive" their ex had been.
But the men
keep quiet. Have you noticed this? The silence of the men. That's our weakness as men. We can't fight that dirty. If we do the world would call us "women", if women do they are called "strong".
The society frowns on a man "letting it out"
....and you think the men are not the marginalised ones?
No matter how much their women destroy and slander their personality in public, the men never come out to publicly "bad mouth" their ex.
The moment the women say they were abused, public opinion is swayed INSTANTLY
But trust me, if these men actually come out to tell you their own stories - the mental torture and the psychological (sometimes physical) abuse they have had to go through, the type of woman they had lived with before they broke down or went into the arms of another woman then you'd learn to know the both sides of a story first before you judge anyoneanyone

   Akinluyi Jeffrey Nitroz

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